Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Colorful 40-Year Journey of Our Mega Star

Whether we admit it or not, we all have a Sharon Cuneta in all of us! May it be a connection with her movies, an emotion you can all relate to when it comes to her dramatic songs or simply a fan of Sharon-Gabby tandem. In any way or form, we all have that Sharon Cuneta fiber running in our veins. Come to think of it, her songs and movies have been with us, providing entertainment, for the last 40 years. From her very first song, Tawag Ng Pa-ibig, to her upcoming offering from Star Records next month, her music really has made our existence colorful and meaningful.

Sharon Cuneta - My 40 Years
Just like myself, I terribly adore the works of The Mega Star. How she has maintained a low profile and yet a humbling showbiz life – which we all know is a hard act to follow. Philippine Showbizness can be a fiasco of lies and intrigues. But our Mega Star has surpassed this and has proven that sincerity and pure talent will allow you stay and survive for the next 40 years. You simply cannot put a good man down. Well, in this case, “The Mega Star” down!

Survival is not the only game Sharon Cuneta knows how to play. Along with her team, she is likewise, evolving and adapting to the times. This is the same reason why she is launching her Sharon Cuneta Networks. This is her platform to showcase behind the scenes, rare photage and even webisodes. Yes! Our dear Sharon Cuneta goes digital. That is surely an exciting news!

To follow her:
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  • YouTube - Sharon Cuneta Network

On a similar story, Sharon cuneta will also celebrate her 40 years in showbiz and she will celebrate with a bang! See her at Araneta Coliseum on September 28, 2018, 8:00 PM. Her upcoming concert is billed, My 40 Years. The show will be handled by musical greats: Louie Ocampo, Mell Villena and Ryan Cayabyab.

Sharon My 40 Years is presented by San Miguel Corporation, in cooperation with Petron, Magnolia Chicken 3-Way, Philippine Airlines, Mc Donalds and The Aivee Group.

See you all on September 28 and let’s all  celebrate the 40 years our our dear Shawie 😊

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