Sunday, August 13, 2017

Things that make people dislike you IMMEDIATELY!

People in general are naturally nice. We all have the goodness in our hearts to love one another. But sometimes people around us makes little annoying things that make us realize we don't want to be with them. 

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In this blog, I rounded up some common annoying things that can sure turn-off anyone, at any given time. Read along and check if you are also guilty AF :)

1. Apologetic all the time (or acting too nice)
Being proper and courteous is something we all appreciate from people around us. But being too nice and always saying sorry is annoying most specially if it's really unnecessary. Don't you just hate it when people always say sorry for no apparent reason?  So, the next time you say "sorry', make sure it is really necessary and needed. Save it for the moment when it is really needed and appreciates. Because if you are the type who says sorry all the time, it will eventually no longer have meaning to people.

2. Looking dirty and stinky 
Presentation is always KING. How you appear on the outside is really how people first react to who you are as a person. Pleasant and decent people ALWAYS receive the most considerate feedback from the people around them. If you look dirty, sluggish and tired, you will always be seen as the lazy one. People will avoid you from a mile.

3. The attention-seeker
Noisy people is at the top of my list i really dislike. I am referring to people who are simply loud and rowdy for no apparent purpose and reason. Some even take it the irritation level a notch higher but speaking really loud inside the elevator. This is really irritating and can really put some people at the edge. 

4. You always want to be the star
It's about you and nobody else! You are always the jock and the star of the show. You always want to steal the limelight from people even if it's already rude. All the reference and topics keep coming to you and how good you are. This will really annoy anyone around you.

5. Naturally nosy
I'm sure you've met somebody who is nosy about everything and into knowing about other's affairs. Yup, I am referring to them. The nosy ones and into asking and about anything about you. From the brand of your perfume, to you shoes and to the size of your pants. I've encountered a couple of these and I really tell them they are annoying.

I hope this blog made you aware of some annoying things you might be displaying towards other. I guess it it better to be aware and be told that you are doing something annoying than to be totally unaware about it.

Great Sunday to all!

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