Sunday, August 13, 2017

BYS Ultra Glow Palette Review

In doing my own make-up, I have always wanted and gone for the matte finish look. That has been my preference and that has been the case for a long time now. But recently, I have been attracted to shimmer and shine. That's why I purchased and tested BYS Ultra Glow Palette.

BYS Ultra Glow Palette
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What I like about BYS Ultra Glow Palette:
  1. Product is pigmented and easy to blend. 
  2. A few dab goes a long way and can already produce a shimmer visible from a mile. So go easy on the brush when you dab it on the product.
  3. Ultra Glow is lasting. It can go as far as 5 hours of  no retouch.
  4. The first 2 colors from the left are my favorites.
  5. It really shimmers and can be the center of attraction haha
  6. Very affordable.
  7. It's unscented which i really love
BYS Ultra Glow Palette

Not a fan of:
  • Ultra Glow can be a bit powdery during application. So be ready to blow those dust away.
  • If you overly apply the product, it can be tricky to blend it afterwards. So my tip is to go easy first on the application.

BYS Ultra Glow Palette
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