Monday, June 12, 2017

Why I Didn't Like The Movie Wonder Woman (REVIEW)

Everybody's talking about the movie, Wonder Woman, which was shown 3 weeks ago in local cinemas. A lot have waited for the heroin movie to be shown again and a lot were also hesitant it will ever be shown once more. Simply because it was really a tall order to replace the original actresses who played the famous DC character, Cathy Lee Cosby for the film television version while Lynda Carter did it for the TV series in 1974 which we all fell in love with (at least those people my age bracket! LOL). But the biggest question to answer is, have we really found the right Wonder Woman of this Generation?

Wonder Woman
I saw the latest version of the movie 2 weeks ago. A lot have been asking me personally and online if I like the new Wonder Woman release of Warner Bros. Picture? Frankly, I have mixed emotions... Mixed opinions and mixed reviews.

Let's start with the matters that did not suit my taste:
  • As a Wonder Woman fan, I know here origins and her backstory as a kid, half of  the 2017 movie spent the airtime in showing who Diana was as a kid/teens. Such a waste of time! It could've have been done for the first 30 mins.
  • The legendary high jump of Wonder Woman (before she had the ability to fly) was not established. A total miss in my opinion!
  • Not enough action scenes in the latest Wonder Woman movie to show how great of a warrior  Diana is.
  • Most of the scenes are dark and gloomy! Quite difficult to appreciate the fight scenes and the CG in motion.
  • The ultimate fight scene with Ares, treacherous Greek god of war, made me think Wonder Woman is fighting Magneto! LOL 
If there's one appreciation I have for the latest Wonder Woman movie, that is  Gal Galot is deserving for the role. Her beauty is enough to merit the caliber of Diana Prince and she can be tough as well to be an amazon. Although she is not that big-of-a-movie-star to defend the Wonder Woman campaign, people really looked forward to seeing the new Wonder Woman, regardless who it'll be. And people were not disappointed to see the beauty and power of Wonder Woman in Gal. 

Is  Wonder Woman deserving of your PHP400.00 pesos movie ticket price tab? If you have a chance to watch it on SM Cinema, please do. You'll save some money and still get to watch the movie. No need to see the latest Wonder Woman in 3D or 4D. You are not missing much!

Yes, we have found the right Diana Prince in Gal Galot, but how Wonder Woman is depicted needs to be improved in the coming sequels, I HOPE.

Great week to all!

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