Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tom Rodriguez - Embracing Technology with Crizal Prevencia

We all need protective eyeglasses! That was the main message of the recent event I attended which was   hosted by Essilor Phils last June 8, 2017, Milky Way Café, Makati City. With the advancement of technology and how we spend our day to day activities, it is only apt that we are equipped and given choices on how we can protect ourselves from the health exposures. Essentially, this was the main message of Dr. Emelita Roleda, Essilor Philippines General Manager and Dr. Kyle Galias, Manager for Commercial during the respective talks. Our lives have tremendously changed over the last decade and we are literally surrounded by computer screens that are harmful to our eyes.
Tom Rodriguez - Latest Brand Ambassador or Essilor Phils
A typical day for any individual starts and probably ends with computer screens. From the time you open your eyes in the morning, you pick up your mobile phone, makes yourself a cup of coffee using the microwave oven, grueling 8 hours of computer work in the office and a bit downtime to watch the TV before going to bed. And more mobile activities in between. These are only some of the activities we do that exposes us to the bad blue light coming from the computer screens. These is really how our technically-savvy generation live their lives. Weather you admit it or not, we are all  exposed to this and equally need eye protection.
 That is why it has been the business and advocacy of Essilor Phils. to raise awareness about this cause. Their latest brand partnership with Tom Rodriguez is a perfect collaboration to raise more awareness on the harmful effects of over-exposure to blue light. Not common to most people, Rodriguez has an ardent passion in digital art which is evident in many of his Instagram post. Some of his digital works were showcased during the event (see photo below).
Digital work of Tom Rodriguez

Digital work of Tom Rodriguez
As the Fil-Am, heartthrob puts it, "exposure to harmful blue light may be inevitable, but we can minimize the risk by doing our part. By choosing Crizal Prevencia, we can protect our eyes on a daily basis and maintain a healthy vision."
Here are some of the snippets of the event last Thursday.

Essilor Phils Family with Tom Rodriguez and Rica G of Monster Radio

Tom Rodriguez with Dr. Emelita Roleda

The blogger next to Tom Rodriguez
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