Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bandana Headbands Or The Mang Kepweng Look

I see more and more ladies wearing the bandana headband in the country. They're actually everywhere! I see them at the mall, church, airport - basically really all around. Our country has really picked up the bandana headband trend like hot pancake.
The first time I saw the look was actually 3 months ago and it was a very funny scene. I was on my way to do my Sunday grocery and my yaya (nanny) had to come along to help me out. She went out of her room wearing the bandana on her head and this was my exact question to her,
"May sakit ka ba? Nagpahilot ka ba?" (are you sick?) She looked at me confused and asked. "Sir, indi po. Bakit? (no, sir. I'm ok.).
I looked at her bandana headband and gave a very puzzled look.
"Ang lakas maka Mang Kepweng ng itsura mo". (Your look appears to be like mang Kepweng).
I gave a strong laugh and yaya removed it.
A few weeks after, I realized what yaya was trying to achieve was the bandana headband that is trending in our country (LOL). Oh, well, I still think it's very "Mang Kepeng" look and it comes with a funny message behind it.
Here's a picture of myself and Vhong Navarro as Mang Kepweng.

Bandana Headband

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Anonymous said...

To each his own.
Kung di mo gusto eh di wag!
Nakaganyan kaya ako now.
Tengna mo! LOL

Anonymous said...

Gusto mo tiradorin kita sa nipples?
One time lang pls!
Arte mo ha!

Anonymous said...

Respect guys. Why are you reading his blog kung ayaw nyo naman pala?

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