Sunday, April 23, 2017

Your Underwear Is Not A Swimwear!

For whatever reason, I am seeing more and more guys wearing their underwear as they frolic under the sun. I mean come on! It may be summer and we all want to have some fun with friends but we still have to be fashionably proper (LOL). There's a major reason why it's called underwear! I simply cannot imagine how some guys can wear their underwear at the beach with the shlong swinging left and right.
One common (and the most irritating for that matter) mistake is wearing your boxer brief and thinking you can pull it off as a swimwear. Obviously, they have different texture and purpose. So, you really need to know the difference. Some even wear their boxer shorts for the same purpose. Again, there is a reason why it's called underwear. It might look okay when you boxer brief or shorts is still dry, but when the moment your underwear hits the water, everything starts to look obscene!
The photo I shared here says it all!
My point is simply to invest in wearing the right outfit. Underwear is for close door outfit and swimwear is for the beach. You have to know the difference.

Speaking of underwear, have you see the latest campaign of Bench underwear featuring Pietro Boseli.

Pietro Boseli Nude
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