Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why Can't You Pop a Pimple?

I am guilty as well when it comes to popping the pimple every now and then. It may be at the chin area, tip of the nose or the most common part of the forehead. We often hear when it comes to skincare not to pop those pimples yourself. But are you really aware why you really can't? What's the reason behind it?

Mens Skincare
Let's talk about skincare myth and the danger of popping those red and irritated pimples.
  1. Popping a pimple can cause serious scarring and dark marks.
  2. You may possibly spread the bacteria and potentially transfer also the pimple / acne on other areas.
  3. Can irritate the pimple you are trying to pop and may cause deep, serious dent on your skin.
  4. Can make healing process longer.
  5. Popping the pimple can be painful. REALLY!
I now it's easier said and done. But my only tip is, always go visit the expert when it comes to pricking your pimple. There's always a better and professional way of doing it.
Have a great week to all!
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