Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trying Out Kondanda Archery Range

I am not a  sporty person. Obviously! That's why friends and acquaintances would seldom ask me to join them for some sporty activities. Some attempted to invite me and I just gave the loudest laughter, really I mean, come on. I get to be invited to do wall climbing and hiking hahaha (not in my wildest dream will I do these).

Kodanda Archery Range
However, for some odd reason, I got excited to try archery when I was told that we will have an office activity last week. May be because hearing the work archery means light sports to me and it does not require a lot of physical work. Plus the fact that archery looks so much fun when it comes to outfit, gear and form.
How was my Archery experience at Kondanda Archery Range?
  1. Archery looks easy and light but it's not AT ALL! It requires focus and concentration from the player the moment you aim your arrow.
  2. The bow is not light at all (contrary to what I thought). That's why I chose to the kid's version. The sports became manageable for me.
  3. At first, aiming the circle target can be a challenge. But after 3 - 4 rounds, you'll get the hang of it and would start to hit the center area
  4. It can have a bit of pressure on your arm because of the aiming and stretching. But it's all good. Again, it's manageable.
  5. It can also be tiring because you walk a lot after hitting 6 arrows. It can also be a cardio exercise.

Potential accident? Yes! Definitely. That's why there are instructions before you even start playing. Make sure you listen and follow the instructions to avoid any accidents.

It's really worth the try. Come visit them at the following branches:
By the way, Kodanda has a special rate from April 28 - May. 1 hour is only for PHP399.00

Here's my trying out archery at Kodanda. haha

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