Sunday, April 9, 2017

My XX Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday was my birthday and I had tons of fun celebrating it with my closest friends. It was a simple celebration with friends who really matter - My Gachee friends. A week before, I was planning to host a party at home but didn't go for it. I can only imagine the things I had to prepare to pull it off. 3 days before my birthday I notified family and friends that I will not longer host a birthday party haha.
If you are following my on Instagram or probably liked my Fierce Blogs Facebook page, you might have noticed that I've been celebrating my birthday for almost a month now. You guess I right. My friends and family celebrated my birthday on separate occasions that's why ever weekend, I had to celebrate my birthday with them.
Here are some photos of my birthday celebration...
Birthday Cake
Gachee Friends
More Gachee Friends
 To my family and friends, thank you for the love!

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