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Belo Tinted Sunscreen - Sunscreen Ideal For Daily Use

I think one of the most common fallacy when it comes to skincare is you only wear sunscreen when (A) you will be at the beach and under direct sun exposure, with little clothing as protection.(B) It's summer time. The heat of the sun is stronger and hotter compared to the rest of the months. (C) You cannot wear sunscreen if you will be wearing make-up. (D) Sunscreen is only for white / Caucasian race since they have fewer melanin compared to the brown race and African American race.
Are any of these familiar to you?
Chances are, you are guilty of one or two of the beliefs I stated. But don fret, it's never too late to change your habits and protect your most precious skin.
Belo Tinted Sunscreen
In reality, sunscreen should be worn and applied everyday, ideally reapplied mid of the day (although difficult to do mid of the day). This is because our daily activities exposes us to harmful rays of the sun.
Here are some examples of the exposures I am referring to:
  1. Florescent lights and light bulbs in our homes emit harmful rays that is bad for our skin. You need protection from these.
  2. Regardless of the time of the day, the sun unfortunately comes with ultraviolet (UV) light that's damages the fibers in the skin called elastin.
  3. Exposure to direct sun without sunscreen protection will damage your collagen and connective tissues. Essentially leads to loss of elasticity and increase premature wrinkles.
I can go on and on with reasons of wearing sunscreen everyday. But my point is - WE NEED TO WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY. I just needed to do a caps lock to stress my point.

Why do you need to wear sunscreen everyday?
Belo Tinted Sunscreen
When I was younger (let's go back when I was 11 or 12 years old), I remember starting the routine of wearing sunblock. I remember using a sunblock that is really thick and heavy on the skin. When you wear it, it makes your skin really color pink and feeling thick and heavy. Yup, I endured those moments believing that I needed them to delay aging. And yes! I was that vain growing up. I have vivid memories of people telling me, "you don't need to wear and apply those things on your face. You are too young to be using them".
Belo Tinted Sunscreen
I was  thankful I started really young wearing sunscreen and really got into the habit of wearing it everyday. No regrets! I love my skin and how younger it looks like compared  to people my age. All because I wear sunscreen everyday from when I was 11 until today.
Sunscreen has gone through an immense change throughout the years. Nowadays, sunscreen are much lighter to wear and more comfortable to apply. What is the best sunscreen? My personal favorite is the BeloSunexpert Tinted Sunscreen. Why, it's very light and easy to use. It's also matte in finish and not heavy after application.
For my complete blog review of BeloSunexpert Tinted Sunscreen , visit this link.
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