Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back At It!

If you are keeping track of the last blog post I did, I was last January 2017. Yup, it was that long to have a follow up blog. It was really more of a personal decision to shy away first from blogging and re-evaluate why I blog in the first place. Back when I was starting to blog, everything went swiftly and my blog purpose went on a direction I didn't really like much. Birth pains may be, but for what ever the reason was, I loss my mojo in blogging for a while.
Until today, I had my renewed energy and direction! Today, I am in full blast of updating my blog site once again and post thing I love (not those that are needed to be posted). Just like what my new blog banner suggests, expect a fierce and bolder Fierce Blogs this 2017!
It's a gloomy Sunday and I opted to stay at home to fix my beauty mess. The photo below will suggest how disorganized my daily beauty products are. So, with a lot of will I decided to stay at home today to put some sanity and order to my daily make-up essentials.
Make-up Products
And after a few hours of patience and order, this is now it's condition.
Make up Products
I just said I will stay at home today...LOL Change of plans! hahaha (that quick!) I just received a call. My good friend asked me to watch the latest movie of LizQuen, "My Ex and Why", tonight. I'll let you know the experience tomorrow.
My Ex and Whys
For now I leave you with a warm hello and stay dry. The sky is a bit ark and gloomy today. So, make sure you bring along your jacket and umbrella.
Happy Sunday, everyone!
Eric of Fierce Blogs
Products placement of photo:
  • Clinique Dramatically Different
  • Belo SunExpert Face Sunscreen
  • Revlob Buff Make-up

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