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OPPO F1S : Capturing Philippines

Traveling the beautiful spots in the Philippines is a therapeutic activity for me in many ways. With the busy and crazy schedules we have at work, we all need to recharge and have a bit of downtime to make sure we have enough energy and vigor to face another work-week. That's why if my schedule will allow it, I make sure to drive the stress away by a quick trip either to Batangas or Tagaytay during weekends.
The most recent trip I made was last weekend (Dec 31, 2016 - Jan 1, 2017) wherein my New Year was spent at Club Balai Isabel Talisay,  Batangas along with my closest friends. It was really a refreshing vacation; where I was able to relax, connect and be surrounded by lush green vegetation and clean air. It all boils down to these experience; making the road trip all really worth it! I'm a city boy, thus, I always look forward to traveling to our beautiful provincial areas to escape the busy humdrum of city life. Don't get me wrong! I love Manila life. I've lived most of my adult life in it - I love breathing it's not-so-fresh-air and road traffic anywhere you go. It's all part of the experience, really. I simply cannot say I love my country without accepting these realities.

Batangas Lake
I know the Philippines has several pristine beaches of a various sand colors – white, brownish, pink, gray, even black tone. It is easy to book a flight and board a plane, boat or drive to your favorite beach destination. However, if you're looking for an alternative to beach trips, there are several other destinations to discover and explore for your weekend escapade. Batangas area is one of them!
Here are some photos of nature I took last week during my trip to Batangas.

Club Balai Isabel at Night

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel
If you noticed, I love taking photos of sceneries and design structures from places I visit. This is because I simply get an awe staring at the majestic beauty of nature may it be daytime or nighttime. One can only claim that, we really live in a very beautiful world! 

And what way to capture these beautiful moments by having a snapshot of its elicit grandeur. Nowadays, it is a MUST to have you smartphone with you. Not only for communication reasons, but likewise for camera functions. Most of my blog photos were taken using my smart phone. I need it handy and functional. That's why my number one requirements when travelling to nearby country areas is to have a dependable smartphone with sharp, crisps feature when it comes to taking photos.

This leads me to my agenda in 2017; which is to upgrade my smartphone. I've been scouting for a new smartphone for a while now and I am really eyeing to have OPPO F1s Selfie Expert. Based on the online research, OPPO F1s comes with a 13MP rear camera. It also has a 1/3.06 sensor that allows user to maximize light sensitivity. This is ideal for capturing night events during my travel. Also, since I am a professional blogger who is always on the go, the 3GB RAM and octa-core 64 bit processor makes it seamless to change from one app to the other. This can also support the gamer in me (that's our little secret)! That's why it would be ideal to travel the beautiful country side of the Philippines with an OPPO F1s Selfie Expert unit in my pocket. I'll soon blog about this.

To know more about OPPO F1s Selfie Expert, visit here.

Have a great week to all!

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