Thursday, December 29, 2016

This is How Bad the Service of Globe Telecom is…

I had my fair share of bad experiences in the past when it comes to customer service; but the experience I had today at Globe Telecom, SM Bicutan branch I should say is the worst! At first, I wanted to ignore the poor service and look the other way (so not me!). However, the experience will really test your patience and draw the last drop of hope you have in local customer service.

Here’s the painful Globe Telecom story…
I was unable to connect to the net and use my data plan with Globe and I was notified last night (8:35 PM of Dec 28, 2016) that I have reached my surfing limit (check out the actual message I got from Globe).
Globe Message
At first, I tried to troubleshoot the issue myself to avoid the expected hassle of going to Globe Hub. But after hours and hours of trying to correct the issue with no resolution, I decided to visit the nearest Globe office – SM Bicutan brach.
It was 1:02 PM when I arrived the next day at Globe SM Bicutan branch (Dec 29, 2016). I was full of hope because there were very few customers waiting to be served. In fact, I was the 3rd customer in queue. So, I mused to myself, this should be a quick one. Boy, I was so damn wrong!
My number was 4025 and currently nos 4021 and 4022 were being served. At exactly 1:05 PM, I was already patiently waiting for my turn to be served. I settled calmly to the nearest chair, next to the door way. As I move my way to the vacant space, I immediately noticed how irate-looking ALL the people are inside Globe hub. The best way to describe them is – They all turned into a green eyed monster fuming with anger! This really struck me and I was so curious what’s happening. Out of nowhere, the lady next to me suddenly talked to me, “Sir. Good luck sa inyo. 1 hour na kami dito wala pa rin nangyayari.”
I only smiled a bit to show some concern and friendly nature. But I was really not in the mood to do small talk – not with somebody who appeared angry as Incredible Hulk.

Globe Poor Service

Globe SM Bicutan - Poor Service

Globe SM Bicutan

Time check… It’s 1:44 PM and customers 4021 and 4022 are still being served.

To cut to long story and waiting, yes, I waited for hours and hours! To be exact, I waited for 2 hours and 30 minutes. I was attended to 3:35 PM by the lady below. She tried troubleshooting the issue of my Iphone 7 Plus for another 30 minutes but failed to correct it. I tried to maneuver my phone and tried some steps to connect to the net…. And bingo! I have resolved my own issue! But the sad part is, Globe can never bring back the wasted time they took away from me.

What I think really happened t today hat brought about the poor service of Globe, SM Bicutan branch:

1.       The Customer Service personnel who were scheduled today were not really trained well. They appear to be lost and unable to handle most customer concerns. They look like headless chicken finding solutions to problems they are unaware of.

2.       Technicians are also not focused to single customer they are attending to. They entertain side questions from other customers that lead to delays and impacts the other waiting customers. This is a form of “singit” in my opinion.

3.       Globe personnel chats so much with each other and they do not immediately attend to customer concerns. They walk around too much with no business.

4.       What is also sickening to the stomach is – I even witnessed a customer giving a lady a dollar bill (not sure of the denomination). This is just too wrong to see in a private company. The customer even commented, “Pang Tagaytay mo iha”. The photo below is the recipient of the dollar bill.  
The Globe Lady who received a dollar bill

In my opinion, only 1 person is to be blamed for the poor service and bad customer service skill of Globe Telecom, SM Bicutan branch. This is the responsibility of the manager on duty and he should be sensitive enough to monitor the moods customers visiting their hub. Sadly, with all the chaos happening inside, there was no manager to own the issue and pacify the customers.
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Anonymous said...

Sobrang chaka this!!! Anobey!!!
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Bulok talaga customer service ng Globe

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