Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sprite Diskarte Live Event!

Last July 26 Spite Diskarte hosted an event at The Eye, Green Sun Hotel in Makati City. The said event is a celebration and launch of Sprite Lebron Mix drink - A product that speaks about confidence and proper diskarte!
Here's a photo of Sprite Lebron's Mix Drink (with Cherry and Orange Flavor).
Sprite Lebron's Mix
And for me to share more of the fabulous event, I will let you experience everything through photo sharing in my blog....
Sprite Diskarte Event
Teng - Sprite Diskarte Event
Prince - Sprite Diskarte Event
Sprite Diskarte Event
Visit the main site of Coca Cola for more details on the product or follow them in Twitter -
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Anonymous said...

Love this post!
I actually love the drink too!

Anonymous said...

Fierce event!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ang bonga lang ng mg photos mo!
Ang hot ni Mr Teng ! LOVE LOVE LOVE

CapitalBitch on August 14, 2016 5:12 PM said...

Mary Antonette Christine Aquino

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