Sunday, July 10, 2016

Eyezen Lenses - Protect Your Eyes From Digital Devices and Blue Light

If you have spent some time with me lately, you have probably seen my latest spectacles (the latest addition to my eyewear collection). In fact, a lot of my colleagues are asking why my latest eyewear has that blue-ish or violet tone whenever I am in front of my laptop or when I am browsing thru my Iphone. Most of them though this is the tint coming from the lens. Well, that guess is absolutely wrong!
Eyezen Lenses

Whether you accept it or not, technology has indeed dominated how we live our lives. From the time you wake up in the morning to check on your smart phone, to watching the latest series on TV and spending the whole day at work in front of your office computer. In fact, according to the latest survey done, the average time we spend using mobile or smartphones is about 4 hours a day. I was really surprised to see that much hours spent per day - and mind you, this excludes voice activity. 
So, simply do the math. 8 hours of computer works in the office plus an average of 4 hours using your smartphones is really a lot of digital time spent and can really hurt your eyes. The good thing is, there is a way to protect your most precious eyes against the harmful and modern digital devices we use daily.
Eyezen Eyewear

How can you protect your eyes from the digital devices and blue light emissions? Read along for some tips.

1. Blink more to release natural eye lubricant.
2. Rest eyes - look away and try to look at greeneries.
3. And of course, wear the right eyewear that will protect your eyes from all the digital activities you do everyday. My personal choice when it comes to getting that protection for my eyesight is Eyezen Lenses.

Eyezen is the brand my good friend introduced to me while we where strolling one weekend in the mall. We were discussing a related topic and he abruptly uttered the brand Eyezen and how it can protect your eyes while you perform your digital activities. Since I blog a lot, I know I need this in my life. According to my friend, Eyezen lenses gives us 2 important benefits - (1) Gives me sharper vision (2) Deflects the bad blue-violet light.

I've been wearing my Eyezen lenses for 2 months now. And so far, all I can say is that - my eyes feel less strained even after hours and hours of computer work. I also no longer get that reddish, tired eyes at night time.
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