Sunday, June 5, 2016

Apple Watch Review

You might be surprised seeing a tech review on Fierce Blogs (haha). I just thought I need to review the product in a not-so-techy approach but rather in a practical user. A user that is not techy at all. A user who is more on the fashion purpose of the product and how that product provides practical solutions.
Here are some photos of the Apple Watch we are reviewing today.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch Sports

Apple Watch White Sports

Apple Watch product details
  • 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band
  • Fits 130–200mm wrists
  • How much is Apple Watch? It's priced USD299.00 PHP13,700.0
Apple Watch

On practicality and purpose...
Purpose is something I don't understand about having an Apple Watch. The face is so small for you to appreciate and use the apps. Viewing photos is also not practical - it's just too small! Also, having a gadget to fidget while driving (or any activity for that matter) is something I totally do not support. And above all, I totally do not understand owning a watch that you have to charge every now and then LOL This is the most impractical fashion accessory considering the charging part of it.
When it comes to style, I give it to Apple Watch. From all the vibrant colors to choose from, you also have an option to get a leather or metal straps. My personal favorite is the Hermes Apple Watch. See the product and drool haha (I did). The Hermes Apple Watch is priced at USD1,500 (or PHP69,000).
Hermes Apple Watch

So if you are after the fashion sense of having an Apple Watch, go for it. Just don't expect that it will replace the purpose of having your Iphone next to you.

Apple watch full review.

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