Sunday, May 15, 2016

Skincare Tip - How Often Should You Moisturize?

For my Sunday blog, I would like to feature another skincare tip for you. I will try to maintain posting a skincare tip once a week.
Skincare Tip - How Often to Moisturize
Hopefully, I get to post one skincare tip per week to give my readers easy access to skincare etc.
I would like to share tonight a question I usually get from my readers as well as from my closest friends. Our skincare question is... "How often should you moisturize?" Or also knowing, how to know when you are over moisturizing?
Skincare Tip - How Often Should You Moisturize?
The ideal way to moisturize is every other day (and not every day). Applying moisturizer every night before going to sleep will send signal to your skin nerves that natural oil is not needed by your skin. If moisturize is applied every night, your skin's natural ability to moisturizes deletes. It is also advisable to let you skin breath every now and then.
So, there goes another skincare trick. More skincare tips on Fierce Blogs!
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