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Skincare and Makeup Tips on Fierce Blogs - The Constant Need to Change Brands

It is important to change the routine of the brands you are wearing every now and then. This is one of the important tips I always tell me readers.
Skincare and Makeup Tips

For the pilot blog of Skincare and Makeup Tip on Fierce Blogs, here's the most important and basic tip I would like to share - It is important to change the brand you are using when it comes to skincare and makeup. This means your favorite skincare or makeup brand should not be used year-round.
Here's why...
  1. The efficiency of the product you use on your skin also depends on the type of weather you are in. Some product works well or better during summer and vice versa. So, depending on the season, be on the alert what works on your skin during the summer heat and colder nights.

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  2. You diet speaks a lot on the type of skin you have. We tend to drink more on summer days and to eat more on colder nights. Essentially, you need more moisturizer and hydration during summer days and lesser management during colder season (makes the skin dry).
  3. The skin gets to be immune also after years and years of applying the same product. Efficiency of the product is no longer achieved and sometime even no longer effective.
Kevyn Aucoin
You may ask how frequent do you need to switch brand? My suggestion is to do it 6 months, doing an alternate of the brands your often use. This will give the skin ample time to adjust to the brand and ample time for the product to do it wonder.
Estee Lauder DayWear
For the feature skincare and makeup brands for today:
Happy weekend to all :)
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