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Les Miserables In Manila Review - April 21, 8:00 PM

Last April 21, I had the chance to watch Les Miserables at the Solaire Theatre. This was not the first time I've seen the French historical novel by Victor Hugo. In fact, I think I've seen the play more than 3 times in different counties and being played by different companies on tour. But the recent Manila staging of 'Les Miserables' by far is grandest and most standout performance I've experienced. The combination of stellar performances from its cast headed by Simon Gleeson as escaped convict, Jean Valjean, backed up by its state-of-the-art stage production, created an experience I will bring with me for a lifetime.
Les Miserables in Manila

Thursday, April 21, 4:35 PM I was on my way to pick up my cousin at BF Resort to watch LesMis. I was a bit sleepy since I came from a medical check at Makati Medical Center the same afternoon. But neither restlessness and exhaustion will stop me from watching LesMis again. I just can't skip this opportunity to watch one of the greatest novels of the 19th century. After what seems to be an eternity, I finally arrived at my cousin's house around 5:45 PM, we made beso, settled down and hurried our way to Solaire. But the trip was not that simple. While we were on our way, we felt that urge to eat dinner (naturally, it's already passed 7 in the evening). So we tried to squeeze in dropping by Burger King. Why? Our defense is - it's supposed to be a healthier choice! No one will contradict that in any way! But Burger King failed us. Naturally, Mc Donald's is there to save the day. We grabbed some burgers and fries and ate inside the car. I know, I know! We arrived at Solaire Theatre 7:25 PM and we ate like oversized pigs inside my car. Darn! That was probably the fastest burger and fries I had for dinner (devoured is a better description). At 7:45 PM, we started walking the theatre area. A quick stop at the restroom which is already 7:49 PM. After some more stride and we're ushered towards our seats - FINALLY!
Time check? We were down to the last 3 minutes before the doors closed. At exactly 8:00 PM, no one was allowed to go in and the play was already on queue. The angels must have been with us during that night to have made it in the nick if time!

Les Miserables in Manila
The Highlights of 'Les Miserables' In Manila
The entire cast of 'Les Miserables' in Manila all performed gloriously even to the smallest member of its choir. Everything just glued well together creating that musical experience. But naturally, I have my favorites. Favorite scenes to be exact!
Manila cast's performing  "One Day More
This scene doesn't cease to give me that shiver every time I hear the entire cast sing the lines...
"Tomorrow we'll discover
 What our God in Heaven has in store!
 One more dawn
 One more day
 One day more!"
Esang's Castle on the Cloud
Still my favorite scene in LesMis eversince. In fact, it's not a very famous scene and not many would recall the song of young Cosette's "Castle on the Cloud". There's just so much innocence and purity in the melody every time I hear it. It gives you faith and hope that life will be better. You just need to hold on.
Simon Gleeson's performance of "Bring Him Home
In my opinion, Valjean also steals the show with his powerful emotions and outstanding voice. This for me is the highlight of the show. From the spotlight, to Valjean's gesture's and voice, it's just magic!
If you still have a chance t watch the movie, please do not miss it! And please BE ON TIME! Filipinos in Singapore will have their own turn to watch the musicale when it runs at the Esplanade Theatre from May 29 to June 26.
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