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Crizal Eyezen - Eyewear For The Digital Lifestyle

Are you aware that we spend an average of 7 hours per day either fidgeting your smart phones or tablets? Sure looks like a lot of time spent connected digitally, right? And if we drill a lot deeper, 34% is spent on our smartphones, 33% on TV, 23% on laptops and the rest on tablets. Now whether you admit it or not, this statistics involves you as a digitally connected person everyday and it puts a toll in your precious eyes.

Crizal Eyezen
Nowadays, the demand of our daily lifestyle and work demand us to be digitally connected to  survive. It is but needed to ensure we stay competitive and at par to the competition. But this activities require you to stare longer hours in front of the bright digital screen which is extremely bad to you eyes. Something you feel you vision is causes some glare and out of focus, right? That's because you are already straining your eyes from too much work in front of the computer screen and the rest of your digital apparatus.

Crizal Eyezen Launch in Philippines

Crizal Eyezen
The good this is, we are not doomed to this inevitable side-effect of the digital world. Thanks to Essilor, the global leader in ophthalmic lenses, for coming up with a new technology called Crizal Eyezen. So what is exactly Crizal Eyezen?
Crizal Eyezen are lenses created to protect us while we are digitally connected. This means you get eye protection while you use your Iphones and other smartphones, tablets, TV and laptops. Eyezen also has the capability to protect the eyes from the harmful blue-violet light that comes from any digital screens.

Crizal Eyezen

Crizal Eyezen Launch in Philippines
It is also important to know that you do not need to have a prescription lenses to avail the eye protection of Crizal Eyezen. Crizal Eyezen can also be worn by people with perfect vision (20/20) but are also actively connected digitally. Now that's really good news!
To know more about Crizal Eyezen, visit any leasing optical shops nationwide. You can also visit Crizal Eyezen Facebook Page for more details -

Essilor Executives at Crizal Eyezen Launch

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