Sunday, December 27, 2015

What I Wore - A Bit of Grunge Look (Episode 68)

Alright, let's go back a bit to where my roots in blogging is all about - Men's Fashion.
When I was checking what how many looks I've featured, I can't believe that I've already blogged 67 What I Wore posts prior to this blog. Time really flies when you're having fashion fun. I was once asked by a friend, "Don't you find it tiring to post all the looks you wore on your blog?"
For me it's never a tasks to post What I Wore (or anything I blog for that matter). Blogging for me has always been a stress reliever and a therapy to change the humdrum of daily routines. It's always a fun activity and I want it to remain how it is.
So, for my 68th What I Wore post, I wanted to incorporate the grunge look.  
Grunge Look
Here are the brands (H to T):
Men's Clothing:
Have a great Sunday, everyone!
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