Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Top Blogs of 2015

A few hours before we wrap up 2015, I would like to do a quick review of the best 2015 blogs I've posted on Fierce Blogs. Ranking is purely based on the views reported to me by Google analytics. I also wanted to check what kind of blog my readers are up to so I'll be able to cater in the coming 2016.
So, without much drama, let's start the countdown...
Top Blogs in 2015
So, I guess this means you want more giveaways this coming 2016. Hopefully the brands will  tie      up with Fierce Blogs and I would be happy to host a giveaway to my readers.
That means I also have a lot of readers with twisted brain like me hahaha You just inspired me to be crazier and post loony topics for us to have fun and what not!


Of course, we have Sexy Solution brand in the top. This brand is close to my hear and I just love how the company makes their clientele feel good about themselves. Thank you, Sexy Solutions!
Funny and smart guy Luiz Manzano is also in the top for Puregold.  
How about Tom Rodriguez for Burget King making it to the 16th place? I have not heard much about Tom lately.
Another Puregold blog post about their convention last May 2015. Expect more of Puregold and their events in the coming 2016 
2015 will never be complete without Alden Richards. From Commercial, billboards, TV shows and even Corporate Events, name it! He's everywhere! Talk about exhaustion! hahaha But if he will be as hot as a commodity in 2016, for sure you will expect more of cute guy, Alden Richards. 
Fierce Blogs countdown is never complete without a make-up topic making it to the top. Of all the make-up brands, Phytogenic is one of the most read reviews I made. I guess it's because the product is really good. Not to mention already phase-out? Somebody just told me about this (can you please confirm?).
The ultimate OPM concert of 2015, in my opinion!
I have not travelled much in 2015. This Manila Staycation blog is one of the few travels I documented in 2015. I guess I need to travel more in 2016 :)
We not reached the top 10 and the top blogs that made it in 2015

Starting of with Piolo Pascual and a brand that is really close to my heart - Essilor Philippines - simply because the brand delivers its purpose, constantly evolving and simply in the category of Fierce-dom!
Without any doubt, Fierce Blogs will still feature more of Essilor Philippines in 2016.

Another make-up and BYS brand. This time inside the top 10 spot!

Sometimes I play along the concept of "How to" blog to spice it up a bit. For some reason you guys tend to like and read it more. That means I will blog more of the "How to" in 2016.  
Another Phytogenic and make-up blog insid the top 10. Gosh, I miss phytogenic. Now I want to rush to the mall to buy (but it's so hard to find them nowadays).

One of the breakthrough blog post in Fierce Blogs in 2015 is Sexy Saturdays. It took me a while to decide if I will really take this route... With a lot of conviction from my PR and friends, I went for it. The goal is to feature budding male models in their classy, sexy poses. Of course, this will likewise feature brands that are close to my heart.  
We not reached the top 5 spot! And this post is for no other than the hottest personality in Social Media - Teejay Marquez. Expect that Fierce Blogs will have a featured fashion spread in 2016 for Teejay (He already committed to it. Yay!)
The pilot episode of Sexy Saturdays must be the most commented blog in 2015. It also reached the 4th spot in 2015. So, you know the drill, we will have more of this segment in 2016. I am planning to do this once a  month.
Belo Medical Group is another brand that is close to my heart. All because they are the leader in their craft and the brand delivers.
I am quite surprise for this blog to make it to the 2nd highest spot. It was only one of those random blog I did as a filler in between the big guns. Well, I guess this is really an awakening for me. I need to be more random in 2016.
Drum roll, please! The top spot is owned  by BYS Contour Trio Review. Undeniably, Fierce Blogs has been known in the world wide web  as a source of make-up review. So, thank you for all your support! To the brands, I LOVE YOU ALL!
No doubt 2016 will still be a lot about make-up in Fierce Blogs and a whole lot more!
Whew! There you have it. The top 20 blogs I posted in Fierce Blogs. From fashion, make-up, celebrities, concerts, hottest events and sexy models. The range is really sky rocketing! Expect that I will be as fierce and experimental in 2016 as possible!

Love you all and Happy New Year!

Eric of Fierce Blogs
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