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Sexy Saturdays on Fierce Blogs - Featuring Allain de Ocampo

My post for tonight should've been released yesterday as part of my newest and hottest segment here on Fierce Blogs called Sexy Saturdays. But unfortunately, I had some tech issues yesterday that prohibits me from publishing any blogs. Good thing it was resolved by admin late part of the afternoon today.
Allain de Ocampo
The pilot episode of Sexy Saturdays garnered really some heavy viewership and caused my server to be down (5 minutes). In fact, the same episode really made a lot of my readers curious and eager to know the featured male model wearing the classic, white Bench underwear. If you missed the pilot episode of Sexy Saturdays, here's the link. That's why I decided to feature an inclusive interview with Allain de Ocampo.
Allain de Ocampo
Here are some personal facts about our first model featured in Sexy Saturdays...
His full name is Niño Allain de Ocampo and his preferred nickname is Allain. He is a Capricorn and was born January 19. Allain stands at 5' 11" and weighs 174 lbs. Our budding male model is 23 years old and a permanent resident of Bulacan City. At first glance, Allain appears to be on the shy department. But once he warms up and becomes comfortable, you are up for a good talk and some humor on the side.
Let's talk fashion...
Allain wears what is practical, natural and comfortable. What is really important for him is you are confident in what you are wearing. "I am comfortable in wearing my jeans and sneakers. It really depends on how you carry yourself in front of the crowd", Allain continues as we discuss more about fashion. When also asked what brands or labels he is into, his reply is rather practical and very honest...
"Any brands will do. For me, it's really not about the brand rather about how comfortable and what you feel while you are wearing the clothes".
When it comes to his fashion influence, he attributes it to nobody in particular. Instead, he would get inspiration from fashion magazines, display at shops and even from some celebrities. Allain is also lucky because he works in the fashion scene and he's given first hand information on fashion 101 from the experts themselves. 
Let's talk a bit more sexy...
"So far, the sexiest photo shoot I've ever done is the one for Fierce Blogs (check out the pictorial here). I need to make sure I trust the photographer and where it's going to be printed or published. The other sexy photos in the net are not part of a photo shoot or fashion campaign. Instead, these are photos from male pageants I have joined in the past", this is the smart reply of Allain when asked how he started modeling and posing sexy behind the cameras.
Allain de Ocampo
The interview with Allain continues and we talked more about the sexy shoot he did for Fierce Blogs - the same edgy and sexy fashion campaign where he wore some classic underwear pieces from Bench. The said photo shoot was done by Photographer Edwin DC for Work With Me
When Fierce Blogs asked how daring or sexy he can commit to a shoot, his reply is very direct and not tentative.
"There has to be taste and trust, first of all. I've met some professional people in the business who already became friends. I need to make sure I am comfortable with the project and I am aware of the direction".
Ultimately, Allain wants to be a successful model and someday wants to see his work posted along the billboards of EDSA. This for him is the ultimate dream-come-true-moment. But for now, he will be patient and will wait for the right project that will come his way. Our up and coming male model also faced some rejections in the past - Allain tried to model for 2014 Bench Underwear Show but was not picked to walk the famous stage of underwear models. But he is not quitting his dream that one day he will walk for Bench Fashion Show. Until that day, he will be ready.
As part of his parting words during the private interview, he wants to thank the readers of Fierce Blogs who requested for an interview and requested for a sequel blog.
"Thanks for the support. I am really thankful for the support I am getting. Please pray that I get to stay in the modeling scene for a long time because this make me happy", these were uttered by our humble Bulaceno model. "I would also like to thank Mr. Eric of Fierce Blogs for giving me the opportunity to be featured in his blog site. I am really happy and flattered. More power to your blog site".
So, that is a wrap! Enjoy some of the additional photos taken during the pilot campaign of Sexy Saturday.

Allain de Ocampo
Allain de Ocampo
  • Photographer Edwin DC for Work With Me
  • Monet Villarba for grooming
  • Patrick Henry Stylist
  • Shoot location - Jumpstart Production
  • White underwear used by Allain are all from Bench Underwear

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring Eric. I'm one of your avid readers who requested for an interview :-)

David on December 21, 2015 2:08 AM said...

He's a great model. We will invite him for s go-see! Thanks Eric!

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