Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Belo Kojic Acid Soap Strips Review (NEW Release)

If you fell in love with Belo Kojic Acid Soap, the more you will fall in love with the Soap Strips version of Belo Kojic Soap. The same formulation of the popular and ever-reliable whitening agent of Belo Essentials has come up with an innovative way to use the Belo Koic Soap.

Belo Kojic Soap Strips
Belo Kojic Soap Strips

Here's how you can enjoy the benefits of Belo Kojic Soap:
  1. Place a strip of Belo Kojic Soap inside the container pump.
  2. Add clean water (I prefer warm water to dilute soap quicker)
  3. Share the container and use it like a body wash.
The most beautiful news about it is that, this is only priced at Php140.00 in leading beauty shops in the metro.
Belo Kojic Soap Strips

Don't forget to apply sunscreen before heading out!
Good night!
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