Sunday, October 18, 2015

Combos Skin Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask Review

You are not seeing a sneak preview of my Halloween mask or costume this year. LOL I'm currently testing Combos Skin Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask and I am wearing it while I blog about the experience.
Combos Skin Hydrating Mask
I've always wanted to try the Hydrating Mask of Combos Skin but never had the chance. Well, until today, the bad weather prohibits me from going out. Instead, I dug in to my stack of beauty products and boom! I saw 2 sachets of Combos Skin Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask.
How's my experience?
  • It's a bit difficult to figure out how the mast is outlined and formed. It's secured and folded it many cuts which require you to delicately open it. Be careful not to rip it!
  • Once opened, slowly spread to your face using the wholes and outline of the mask
  • Be careful not to touch your eyes. It has a bit of sting
  • Once satisfied, leave it on your face for 15 minutes
  • Remove the mask and lightly remove excess moisture from face
After effects:
  • Not quite happy with the after effect. The only difference I noticed is that my skin feels cool and soft. Other than that, the feeling is the same as wearing your moisturizer
  • Ideal to wear before going to bed for relaxation
  • Overall, I still recommend wearing your nightly moisturizer over Hydrating Mask of Combos Skin. The results are the same
 Mask is Php200.00 per sachet (SRP).
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