Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Creations of Manny Aquino Mondelo - Bridal, Evening and Entourage Gowns

Our Fierce Find for today is entirely difference from all the blog features I've done in my site. This time around, we will showcase the romance and Fairytale of the works of my good friend, Manny Mondelo. Manny and I go as far as early 2000; we used to work as an Insurance Broker for one of the big broking house - Aon Philippines. Yes, believe it or not, I used to be a corporate slave in one of the old fashioned banking industry. Those were funny and interesting days!
Now back to the work of Manny...
It's very seldom for me to browse the net for wedding gowns - but when I do, I either feel romantic or simply intrigued by the silhouette of the gowns. Since I feel romantic tonight, I would like to share some of the works of Manny for your inspiration.
Wedding Gowns

Weddings Gowns

For more photos of the bridal and evening gowns of Manny, please visit his Facebook page here.
Wedding Gowns inspirations, call Manny Mondelo here -(632) 0917  9820317.
Visit the following links if you are looking for:
Have a romantic evening, everyone!
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