Monday, August 17, 2015

The Magic of #Aldub Tandem Continue to Soar!

The first time I saw the TV couple #Aldub was when I was browsing through my Facebook account. At first, I saw the thumbnail of an odd-looking girl along with Aldren Richard (a familiar face in GMA and a Belo Med endorser). I remember posting a blog of Alden last year. Click here.

Admittedly, I ignored the Facebook feed showing the hashtag, #Aldub. But it was too often-of-a-feed not to click and watch. I watched eventually.
Aldub of KalyeSerye - Eat Bulaga
 I was clueless at first what's happening. I thought it was only a random, spur-of-the-moment segment in Eat Bulaga. Apparently, there was already a legion of followers to this so called, Aldub; who is the main casts of the noontime show "KalyeSerye (A teleserye that happens along the various streets of Metro Manila).

But the question still remain. Why is the tandem  #Aldub such a hit and being watched with much anticipation from most household?

I guess the formula is seeing a relatable lady (Yaya Dub) appearing on the TV screen being paired to a wholesome guy, who everybody seem to have crush on - Alden Richards. The serye also seem to be random and a product of the adlibs the casts are doing - it looks real and unrehearsed! This formula is new to everyone and it seems to be working in miraculous ways.

I guess by now GMA or who ever production represents the group should think bigger and broader. A movie may be? Or a musical concert showcasing the KalySerye magic of #Aldub. This move is a no brainer, actually. It's only but natural and the only way to go.

And if you will ask.. Yes, I am now following #Aldub through Facebook feed (hahaha)
Photo is courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer Website.
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