Sunday, August 23, 2015

Obviously Underwear - Ultimate Comfort with Style

Share Have you heard about the hottest men's underwear that hit tinsel town? It's called Obviously Apparel from Australia.

Obviously Underwear

What's the big difference of wearing Obviously?

Obviously Underwear will:

  • Give you the confidence to look your best and provide definition to your natural shape
  • Reduce heat build-up and swelling, which have been linked to sperm damage and fertility issues
  • Improve genital health and virility, because it is non-restrictive of testicle movement
  • Eliminate sticking to the inside of your leg
  • Eliminate squashing - you will never again feel jammed down the front of your pants
  • Eliminate chafing when walking, running or cycling
  • Eliminate sweating and reduce the likelihood of fungal infections, illness and odors
  • Eliminate the need to readjust yourself throughout the day
  • Keep you 2 degrees cooler than cotton in summer and noticeably warmer in winter, even when wet

Obviously Underwear will not:
  • Ride up at the back
  • Restrict your natural movement
  • Fall down when you bend over to reveal your “plumber’s crack”
  • Have annoying labels to dig in or stick to your skin
  • Shrink or lose shape like cotton underwear – the waistband will not overstretch
  • Fade over time
  • Irritate your skin – the fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning no allergic reactions or irritations (good for people who suffer dermatitis!)
  • Wrinkle like cotton underwear
Photo courtesy of Obviously website and feature information above is also from the same website.
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