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Make-up Review - Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Review

I blogged about Revlon Photoready last January 17, 2015 and wrote a review that the product is low maintenance and easy to use. This time around, I am writing a full blog of the spin off of the same product. This time around, it's now called - Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect. Well, obviously the main difference is the airbrush effect that comes with the product. I've been testing this make-up for over a week now and this is so far my beauty experience with Revlon Photoready  Airbrush Effect.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect
What I love about Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect...
  • Its coverage is WONDERFUL! Yes, I'd like to stress wonderful! It does the job of concealing unwanted face marks. No need to use heavy and thick concealers
  • You only need a small amount to use over face and neck (photo below)
  • Dries up for about 10 - 15 seconds. Just about right (not so quick in my opinion)
  • Product is dispense thru a pump so you do not contaminate the make-up
  • Product is SPF 20
  • Once dry you will notice that your skin has small glitters (not that obvious, really). Does it magic when camera flash hits you
  • Matte finish when product is dry. Actually, it's okay not to apply powder finish
  • Does not create lines and cake-effect after hours of application
  • Make-up can stay on you looking fresh for 5 hours (not humid weather)
  • After application of 5 hours, skin doesn't look that oily
  • Priced at only Php975.00
Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect

Product modification request about Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect? I only have 1, in fact. Product has a rubbery scent immediately when you apply the product. It's however tolerable given the wonders it gives your skin
  Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect is now my favorite daily make-up wear. Try it!
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