Sunday, July 19, 2015

10 Reasons Why You're Single

Ever wonder why you're single and it seems that romance is nowhere in sight? You take a good look at the mirror and you see an attractive person in front of you. All your friends consider you to be a good catch. In fact, you generate quite a lot of complements from the opposite sex (or same sex). But the big question is, why are you still single at this point in your life?

Reason Why You're Single

Here's probably why you are still single...
  1. Your Image is too overpowering. Your presence is just so confident and this highly intimidates the people around you. Try to tone it down without changing who you are (if you know what I mean). 
  2. Too busy with work and a lot of personal matters. It's all about the career and moving up!
  3. Your bestfriend is always around. You are always around your bestie. This also sends a signal that you are into your best friend. 
  4. Too picky. Your requirements are just so impossible to meet.
  5. Confined at home. You need to go out and party sometimes.
  6. Poor hygiene - May be you have halitosis! LOL Make sure you personal hygiene is in there to start with.
  7. Too happy being single. I can relate to no 7. Being single is actually a joy! Just make sure you are too comfortable being single.
  8. Simply scared. You got burnt before. Too scared to fall again
  9. Bad reputation. Whether it's true or not, what people thinks of you is "sometimes" important.
  10. Your second name is negativity.Your presence is negative anywhere you go. From the way you move and the words you utter, it spells negative. 
  So, there you have it! Share this blog if you can relate or know someone who can.

Happy Sunday!

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