Thursday, April 2, 2015

BYS Loose Powder Matte Finish Review

I'm very particular on what make-up I use. We should be. In fact, before I buy or try out a product that I will use, I make it a point to check the net and check what's written and red reviews already out there. When it comes to product integrity, nothing beats the old-fashioned experience credibility. Users and buyers are the real voice of your product.

BYS Loose Powder Matte Finish

The next product feature here on Fierce Blogs is no exemption.  Here my review on BYS Loose Powder Matte Finish.

What I love about BYS Loose Powder Matte Finish (Natural Beige):
  • Very light and easy on face after application
  • It is unscented - a must for me when it comes to cosmetics. I don't like products that have heavy scents
  • Comes handy with a sponge/foam for application
  • Durable enough to stay on your face for 4 hours (considering that we are on summer season when review was done)
  • Simply love its matte finish on your face (true to its product promise!)
  • It's ideal for my combination skin (dry on some and oily on some areas)
  • A little goes a long way. Don't over apply the loose powder.
BYS Loose Powder

My request on BYS Loose Powder Matte Finish:
  • I hope product comes with a plastic seal (to close holes) so when you put product inside your bag it does not overly pour during application
  • I prefer brush application instead of sponge/clothe. I hope they can change it to brush applicator
You can visit the official BYS website here -

Have a fierce night sweeties!

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