Sunday, March 29, 2015

BYS Contour Trio Review - Cheek, Highlight and Contour

It's all about convergence nowadays. From phone to camera; name it! More and more products are converging into one multi-purpose product only to benefit the consumers. And this convergence is also happening in make-up world.

BYS Contour Trio (Cheek, Highlight and Contour)

The offering of BYS Countour Trio will excite you: cheeker, highlighter and contour. Here's what I think about this small yet massive beauty product.

What I like about BYS Contour Trio:
  • Product is easy to use using the correct angle brush
  • 5 hours after application, product doesn't turn orangy like most products I've tried
  • Small application does a long mile. Go easy when you dap those make-up brushes
  • Highlight feature is my favorite! Gives you that umpf and kick to feature eyes and nose areas. MUST TRY
  • Contour feature works best on cheeks and forehead. It'll give you that depth and shadow you need

BYS Contour Trio (Cheek, Highlight and Contour)
Not a fan of:
  • I hope the proportions of the product is right. I mean, little for the highlight and more on cheek and contour. After all, you only need a little amount of highlights and an awful amount of cheek and contour applications. It's a wish :)
Great Sunday to all!

BYS Contour Trio (Cheek, Highlight and Contour)
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