Monday, February 16, 2015

What I Wore - Plaid Over Stripes (Episode 59)

Sunday was errand day for me. That's why I needed to wear something comfy and easy; but still manage to look decent LOL

They say to never mix prints of plaid and stripes. I'd say to hell with rules! Wear what makes you feel and look good :)

Fierce Blogs - OOTD
The brands I wore yesterday (H - T)
  • Native hat from SM Accessories
  • White inner shirt by Oxygen
  • Red and black stripes sweat by Esprit
  • Green plaid shorts by Penshoppe
  • Red watch by Cotton On
  • Eyewear by Giordano using Essilor Transition lens
  • Slippers by Ipanema
Great week to all of you, fierce ones!

Eric of Fierce Blogs
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