Monday, February 23, 2015

Piolo Pascual for Essilor Phillippines

Quezon City, Philippines, the worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coatings and dispensary technologies, Essilor, recently launched a campaign targeted to deal with the importance of good vision as a vital part of overall wellness. Along side to the same campaign is no-less-than ABS-CBN's premier leading man and fitness buff, Piolo Pascual.

Piolo Pascual for Essilor Ph

The partnership between Piolo and Essilor couldn't be any perfect. As a sportsman and health buff himself, Piolo is a believer that protection is the first step towards healthy vision; which is aligned to Essilor's advocacy explained by their General Manager, Dr. Emelita Roleda, “Across the globe, 7 million people need visual correction, and in the Philippines, 26 million individuals also suffer from visual impairment. As a leader we feel it is our responsibility to do something to alleviate the situation and this is the reason we are doing this campaign,” 

Piolo Pascual for Essilor PH

Dr. Roleda checking Piolo's Eyes during the launch

To jumpstart this campaign, Essilor Philippines will release an infomercial featuring their latest brand ambassador, Piolo Pascual. The same TVC will also air this coming March 5, 2015, at primetime slots on select cable channels. I will soon post the said TVC on Fierce Blogs for your viewing pleasures.

There are 3 important messages Essilor would like to impart everyone:
  • PREVENTION - Essilor lenses help prevent age-related eye disorders and eye diseases
  • PROTECTION - It also helps provide everyday protection to its user, from ultraviolet (UV) rays, blue light, and radiation
  • CORRECTION - promote the initial purpose of Essilor which is to help correct and protect eyesight
Wearing protective lenses can do so much in preventing the detrimental effects of blue light. And what exactly is blue light? Dr. Roleda added, "the plethora of electronic devices that we are exposed to everyday and which emit harmful blue lights that damage the retina. Repetitive exposure to blue light posts threat to our eyes. It may cause oxidative damage, and may be responsible in causing age-related macular degeneration, which can result to significant vision loss.”

(L - R) Dr. Kyle Galias, Jinky Navo, Piolo Pascual and Dr. Emelita Roleda
Check out the video of Piolo Pascual getting his eye's checked during the Essilor launch.  

To know more about Essilor and to understand what Essilor product is perfect for you, consult your Optometrist or you can visit the following website:
  • Essilor Philippines Website - click me
  • Or contact them through this page - click me
  Let's all see the world better using only Essilor brands for your eyes.

Great Monday, everyone!

Credits to Pilipinas Daily for the YouTube Video of Piolo

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