Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tomato Swap Watch

Our Fierce Find for today is all about function, style and affordability. I think it's also very timely to release this blog on the 4th day of the month. Why? I mentioned in my previous blog that one of the goal this 2015 is to be practical without sacrificing the style worth of an item. Tomato Swap Watch is all about that! Style and Affordability!

Here's a photo my my first Tomato Swap Watch:

Swap Watch on Fierce Blogs

Swap Watch

What I love about Tomato Swap Watch:
  • Style and designs are very hip and trendy
  • Watch is light and easy to wear
  • Easy to swap bracelets using the same face
  • Very affordable and money's worth at Php1,200.00
For the amount of only PHP1,200.00 (starter kit of Tomato Swap Watch) you get the following items:
  1. Tomato Swap Watch Face
  2. Swap Bracelet (option 1)
  3. Swap Bracelet (Option 2)
Now that is just FIERCE!

Great week guys!

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