Saturday, January 10, 2015

Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein Underwear - Padded Crotch Bulge

By now, you would've have seen the latest ad campaign of Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein underwear. The photo below is actually all over Twiitter, Facebook and Instagram. Name it! The Justin Bieber bulge is spreading like wildfire in the Internet.

Justin Bieber - Calvin Klein
 But there is actually a big commotion tagged along this controversial photo. Did Bieber overdid padding his underwear to look like he is "gifted" down there? Well, if you ask me. it looks so obvious that he padded his goodie with more than just a roll of sock.

Exhibit A

Jusint Bieber Bulge
Exhibit B

Justine Bieber Bulge

You? What do you think?

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