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Interview with Teejay Marquez - On Fashion, Career and More..

If you have been reading Fierce Blogs, you must have already read my previous release about Teejay Marquez. If you missed it, blog archive is found here - (Fierce Blogs Interviews Teejay Marquez). In fact, the same blog I released Sep 15, 2013, is one of the most read blogs released here on Fierce Blogs -

Today, we are lucky to have been granted a private interview with the 21-yr-old actor, who recently joined the casts of the hit show, Dream Dad of ABS-CBN. We talked about fashion, styling, future plans, family and a whole lot more. 

Teejay Marquez on Fierce Blogs

Sit back, relax and read this special blog post about Teejay Marquez.


Fierce Blogs: The recent holiday just passed. How did you celebrate the holidays?

Teejay Marquez (TM): I celebrated it with my family at home. It was a rough year for us to lose my father and my great grand mother. So I really want to cherish the holidays and be with my family.

When asked about how his 2015 so far, the stylish actor appeared to be optimistic and ecstatic.

TM - "2015 is exciting for me. New management. New year. New endorsements. So I'm hoping for a much better result this 2015."

Indeed, we are seeing high exposure and critical breaks for Teejay. His latest role in ABS-CBN's hit prime time show Dream Dad as Jake is getting a lot of attention from viewers and netizens (the blogger included). Whether he transfers to be a Kapamilya contract artist remains to be a cliffhanger. New endorsements also landed on him early this 2015: Ysa Skin and Body Experts, Mossimo and Unisilver Time. He also recently signed as GAWAD Kabataan Pilipinas Ambassador. And we are are just on the 12th day of the year!

Teejay Marquez on Fierce Blogs

The recent success Teejay is harvesting could be attributed to how much he values and finds time to interacting with his followers (friends) through his social media accounts (which he personally handles and manages).

TM: "I like being online. It is my way of staying updates with friends and connecting to my loyal supporters".

Teejay is in fact active in most Social Media out here:
  • Facebook - link here
  • Twitter - link here
  • Instagram - link here
Then the discussion slowly zooms in to fashion and style...

If you noticed the Social Media account of Teejay, it is evident that he's been doing a lot of fashion shoot and editorials. That's why it is just natural for Fierce Blogs to dig deeper about the fashion and the sense of style of our natural Libra charmer.

"I'm a frustrated model so whenever I have opportunities to model especially Fashion Editorials, collaborating with these great designers in our country; I can't say no. It's really my way of exploring new things in fashion. Also, in modeling, I can be anyone. Depending on the clothes I wear, I am also acting and portraying characters".

When asked about inspirations or so-called idols when it comes to fashion...

"Sometimes I looked at some teen models, fashion bloggers and some teen supermodels. I also get some Koren inspired-look sometimes. I also get some help from my friends who work sa stylist in the industry".

Which leads me to ask, is there  a stylist behind the chic, preppy and edgily look Teejay Marquez is known for?

"I'm very hands on when it comes to my outfit. But when there is a stylist, it's their job. So, I wear what they give me and sure rock the look! Sometimes, I give my own twist and try to suggest my opinions".  

Nowadays, fashion and fitness are two elements that are fundamental in being hip and relevant. And those 2 are rolled in to the lifestyle of our mestizo actor. You might have noticed how physically fit Teejay has evolved over the years? That is attributed to hours and hours spent inside the gym.

"I'm a gym addict! But the previous months I stopped going because of the holidays. But I am trying to go back and eat healthy food".

When asked if he is willing to go daring all in the name of fashion and wear undies on stage...

"Daring?! Yes! Undies? Yes, if I have the body. I hope in time I can walk in such big events like Bench. It's part of my bucket list. For now, I need to work hard for that Bench body".

Teejay's message to his thousands of followers:

"The best way to start my message is to say, thank you. Thank you for sticking up on me and making me feel that I'm doing the right thing. To my friends (supporters), thank you. It makes me feel good that I am able to make people happy by sharing my talents and somehow touch their lives. Without these friends of mine I'm just a boy waiting to graduate, marry, have kids. End of story. But because of your support, you make me feel so important and loved. Big thanks and love you all!"

Say hi to Teejay and comment on this blog. If you also have some questions, do post them as comments here, I'll make sure our hero reads them.

Have a great week to all!

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Anonymous said...

Cool blog about Teejay! Is he now Kapamilya?

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Dianne - how come no questions about love life? Huhuhu

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The newest and hottest Kapamilya! Fave ko Sya s dream dad. Kathy Lim

Anonymous said...

Is he now a kapamilya?

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