Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy with Globe Telecom Service - @Talk2Globe @EnjoyGlobe

Every now and then you experience a service that exceeds your expectation. That was exactly the case how my inquiry was handled by Globe Retention Hotline - (02)730-1300. My call was handled by Roselyn of Globe Telecoms.

My inquiry was simple. And I received a simple explanation. "What retention can I get with my current plan"? I was placed for a short hold and got confirmation that I am eligible for a handset upgrade for free. Wa-lah! I was told I am eligible and I the unit can be picked up to my desired Globe Telecoms Center.

Globe Telecoms

These kinds of service are worth blogging. Given the amount of complains I see telecoms receives, I think as a consumer, we should be aware that we also have a responsibility. And that is to be aware of what is likely logical and practical to demand even though we are at the end of the day, the customer.

Thanks to Globe!

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