Monday, July 14, 2014

ICON Laptop Carry Case with Shoulder Strap

Style and function are the two important considerations in any purchase for me. May it be in clothes, shoes and even accessories. It cannot be all function with no taste and vice versa. There should be a marriage somewhere in between LOL

And that is the kind of convergence I felt when I first saw this ICON Laptop Carry Case. It's not too serious and boring; yet it has that feel that you "mean business" (somehow) haha

Here's a closer look of the hottie..

ICON Laptop Bag
The laptop bag is 11 by 15 inches and is well-cushioned with pink lining. A must for me since I dump all my laptops inside the trunk of my car. And it's also very affordable for what you're getting at only USD52.00 or PHP2,500 (estimated).

Indeed, a Fierce Find for me :)

More photos of  ICON Laptop Carry Case with shoulder strap.

ICON Laptop Bag

ICON Laptop Bag

ICON Laptop Bag

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