Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I Wore - Last Summer Outfit Post (Episode 50)

Who says summer is over?! Whoever said that is saying the truth hahaha But before the usual weather disturbance hits our Tinseltown, let me post my last summer What I Wore entry this year.

This photoshoot I made for Fierce Blogs was from the professional lens of a very dear friend, Chi De Jesus. I simply love my friends! They support my hobbies and craziness in life. Hahaha

I'm sharing some of the photos taken that day at Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa...

What I Wore - Fierce Blogs

Eric Capacia - Fierce Blogs

Fierce Blogs - What I Wore

The clothing brands for tonight's What I Wore (H to T):
Great week ahead to everyone!
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Eric Capacia of Fierce Blogs

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