Sunday, April 20, 2014

What I Wore - Lazy Outfit Day (Episode 47)

The summer heat has really hit our country! In as much as I want to enjoy the sun and the beach, the heat is just too much to bear. It's like your skin is being pricked by small needles. You get this feeling that no matter how good your sun screen is, it's never enough to combat the harmful effects of the sun to your skin. That's why I wear hat almost everyday, at least to ease the heat. Well, somehow. 

What I Wore - Eric Capacia

Pardon my What I Wore post on my blog tonight. The photo was taken in Subic and I was so lazy to change clothes haha I even slept that afternoon wearing the same clothes. Boooo!

The brands:

  • White woven hat by SM accessories
  • Red shirt by GAP
  • Yellow foldable shorts by Uniqlo Clothings
  • Eyewear by Giordano using Crizal Transitions Lens by Essilor
  • Flipflops by Ipanema
The place we visited is actually nice. It's called Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa. It's an ideal place for a small group wanting to escape Manila's polluted air. And it's only 4 hours away from Makati.

Contact Kamana Sanctuary thru these nos: +632 843-7851 (Makati office), or +63 47 250 0725 (Subic). Kamana Sanctuary is at Nabasan Beach Illanin Forest, West District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222.

Happy Sunday go all! 


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