Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Gift of Today Series

April 8 marked a very important event in my life. Not because I spent my xx birthday, rather, it was the day I decided to create a blog series that would document simple joys I have to celebrate in life; as well as the happiness I was able to transfer to the people around me. From places, food, events; to the simplest gift of having a smile each waking day. The gift of happiness... The gift of today!

Eric of Fierce Blogs
For starters, I would like to blog about the humble gathering a friend hosted for my birthday last Tuesday. It was a very random offer which I gladly accepted with a smile and blushing face. Truly something I will remember for a long, long time. Surely, I have to be thankful for the good friends I have around. I'm blessed to be given the Gift of Friendship. My unending thank you's to them.

Birthday Cake

Then came the next day. Again, a random and unplanned trip became a whole day of coffee, pizza and tons of great chats with my closest friends. Oh and the gift of being able to satisfy our cravings... Beef Caldereta! Spicy, that is. A pig out day/night with friends, talking about our lives, our future plans and occasionally checking fashion victim mall goers (LOL). The Gift of Randomness!

Conti's Sanstrival Cake
Life is good! We are always surrounded by gifts. We just have to be more appreciate of such gifts. Why not start tomorrow? Be grateful for the Gift of Today that was given to you :)
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