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Century Tuna Superbods 2014 VIP Night #CenturySuperBods

The leading canned tuna in the Philippines hosted a VIP night last Thursday, April 3, at Eclipse Lounge , Solaire Resort and Casino. And of course, Fierce Blogs was there to share to you the magnificent VIP Night of Century Superbods2014!

Century Superbods 2014 Finalists

Century Superbods 2014 Finalists
The search for 2014 Superbods 20 finalist was very extensive: from Iloilo, Davao, Mindanao, Metro Manila and even as far as the United States, candidates were meticulously chosen to complete the final 10 men and women.  

Century Superbods Women Finalists:
  1. Sarah Santucci
  2. Catherine Almirante
  3. Darlene Anderson
  4. Nic Marable
  5. Diane Tan
  6. Grace Murillo
  7. Paula Marcino
  8. Nicole Kaufmann
  9. Alaiza Malinaao
  10. Michelle Magno.
Century Superbods Men Finalists:
  1. Antonio de Murga
  2. Julio de Leon
  3. Mauro Lumba.
  4. Gerard Go
  5. Marneil Anthony Lim
  6. Evan Spargo
  7. Rendon Labrador
  8. Miguel Lasala
  9. Laurens Tolenaars
  10. Joshua Lubrico
Here are some hot photos of Century Superbods finalists 2014 during the VIP Night.

Century Superbods 2014

Century Superbods 2014

Century Superbods 2014

Century Superbods 2014

The competition night will be held on April 26, 2014, in the hottest beach in the country Boracay, Philippines. 

You can actually take part in voting for your bets this year. Visit to know more.

I know some of you will ask and comment who is my favorite this year. Oh well, my vote goes to chinito, hunk Gerard Go. I've been stalking him on Instagram LOL. You can follow him @gogerard

Congratulations to Century Tuna, Saga Events and Fuentes Manila for a very successful VIP Night! And of course, thanks for having Fierce Blogs!

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