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Sexy Solutions Detox Juice - My 2-Day Experience

Recently, I was on a 2-day detox and was trying out the juices of Nadine Tengco which is part of a program Sexy Solutions is offering to the market. So, how was my experience? Read along and join my detox experience.

Total number of drinks I had for 2 days were 6: 3 Tummy Trimmers and 3 Anti-bloat bottles. Photos are below:

Sexy Solutions by Nadine Tengco
First, let's talk about taste. If you are expecting this detox juice to be one of those sweet-lovely-fruity taste, then you are wrong! Both drinks taste earthy, really close to eating vegetables. This is because you are really drinking your vegetables when you partake in the detox program of Sexy Solutions. And it is really evident in the taste of the drink. Is it painful to drink it? Nope, it's all tolerable. You get that feeling that you are drinking something healthy. 

Overall, taste is earthy and vegetable-like.

How I felt after drinking the juice?

The immediate feeling is like eating a full meal. For the next 2 hours, you will not crave for any solids. But in my case, the strict instruction of Nadine is to take the juice with solids. Of course I had to follow. Along with the detox juice, I enjoyed salads and steamed chicken to incorporate solids in the program. You don't get that feeling that you are food-deprived. Instead, you feel healthy and light and not starving to death!

Sexy Solutions Detox Drink
After finishing 2 Tummy Trimmers and 1 Anti-Bloat on the first day?

I feel light and I don't feel bloated. I tend to drink a lot and had to poop twice a day. My normal routine is once a day only. I heard some would go in and out of the toilet as a reaction to detox drink. But in my case, it wasn't like that at all. It was more of an easy-breezy pooping experience. I however tend to pee most of the time since I had to drink more water than my usual.

I slept well the first night I was on detox drink. 8-hour sleep nowadays is a gift!

Detox on day 2?
The second day was more like day 1. I tend to pee more and feel full after drinking a bottle of Tummy Trimmer. Definitely, I feel more light and energetic. I feel like I can be involved in a lot of physical activities.

Day 2 also proves that I am not craving to eat more than usual. I tend to get thirsty but overall, I do not feel the urge to eat more. My skin also feels healthy and well-rested.

I slept well again the 2nd night. 7 hours of sleep and waking up with a big smile to face the day.

My detox evaluation...
My weigh in before taking the detox drink was 141 lbs and my waistline is 32 inches. 2 days and 6 bottles after, I was down to 138 lbs and 31 inches. I was actually very happy doing the 2 day detox. Not because of the lbs gone or the inch away, but because I get that feeling of renewed spirit to eat healthier and take only what I need. Hopefully, I can maintain this kind of lifestyle.

It been a week since I did my 2-day detox. So far, the experience has been all great. Thanks really to Cristalle Belo and Nadine Tengco for the words of encouragements.

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Sexy Solutions message to Fierce Blogs
Lastly, here's a word of caution to all juicing readers out there, if your juice tastes sweet and all fruity, please re-evaluate the program. Chances are, you are just drinking fruit juices full of sugar and water. That for me is the biggest difference of the detox drink Sexy Solutions (formulated by Nadine Tengco) has compared to what we have in the market.

A bottle of the drink costs Php 224.00 (estimated).

If you want to try the detox program of Sexy Solutions, get in touch with them thru the following:

Telephone number of Sexy Solutions: 810 SEXY (7399)
Facebook: @SxySolutions
Twitter and Instagram: @SxySolutionsOfficial

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Anonymous said...

I want to try this too!
Affordable naman pala per bottle! Thanks Eric for the reco!

Anonymous said...

Totally make sense when you say juice that tastes sweet are just sugar. Vegetable drink makes a lot more sense.

:) Joan

Anonymous said...

What's your problem area, Eric?

Anonymous said...

How do you order them? You just call Sexy Solutions?

Mike Perez on March 17, 2014 2:44 AM said...

Do they have a program too for active ones? I run daily and weight lifts.

Anonymous said...

Gusto ko 'tong try Fierce Blogs! Is it expensive pag nag consult? on December 31, 2016 12:06 PM said...

I was feeling so sluggish and bloated for so long, I was desperate for help. I tried a few other products, but none gave me the relief I was looking for. After seeing the detox bottle online, I decided to try it out and I am so happy I took the chance. I am down 5 pounds and I feel incredible at!

Dr.Jones Methews on April 05, 2017 6:29 PM said...

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