Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tommy Hilfiger After Shave Balm Review

Our review today is something I am really so excited to blog! The product may not be new to the market, but I think it should be celebrated by simply being awesome!
Tommy Hilfiger After Shave Balm
Why I love Tommy Hilfiger After Shave Balm?
  • The fragrance stayed true to Tommy Hilfiger scent. No too strong! Just the right calm scent we've always loved
  • It is not oily after application. Unlike the other brands I've used that is so greasy and oily after an hour after application
  • Does not irritate my skin
  • The scent lingers the whole day. Actually, you may opt not to wear scent. The balm is enough
  • A small amount of the balm already covers a large area
  • Price may be a bit high at Php 1,677 (100 ML / 3.4 FL. OZ), but you really get your money's worth
  • The bottle is manly yet sexy
  • Bottle is transparent so you see what left of the product
Tommy Hilfiger After Shave Balm

My only wish about Tommy Hilfiger After Shave Balm comes with a pump so you do not contaminate the product. Otherwise, IT'S GOOD BUY!

Visit Tommy Hilfiger website for more product info. Click here.

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