Monday, February 17, 2014

Pond's Flawless White BB+ Review

I actually have a mixed emotions on how I look at this product. It's not that good, yet not that bad. I'd stay at the middle ground when it comes to my take on Pond's Flawless White BB+.

Pond's Flawless White BB+
Here's why... Pond's Flawless White BB+ Review on Fierce Blogs

What I like about Pond's Flawless White BB+

- It has a matte finish after application.
- Coverage is good with proper application.
- You only use a pea-size and it can already cover so much.
- Affordable for its size and use.

What I don't like about Pond's Flawless White BB+

- Application can be tricky if you are a newbie. The liquid dries easily.
- You need a good moisturizer or primer before application. Otherwise, applying it directly to the face will 
   create a cakey-effect.
- After 3 - 4 hours of application, skin will start to get oily. You need a powder to freshen-up.
- While the packaging is sexy and chic, you don't know if still have enough for the next coming days.
   Packaging seems full all the time (air).
- Covering you blemishes is not addressed by Pond's Flawless White BB+. So, do not expect too much.

Verdict? Will I but it?

With its affordable price, Pond's Flawless White BB+ is ideal for day-to-day activities like strolling at a nearby mall or buying meds within your area. It's that moment of wanting to feel fresh but not looking heavy with foundation. Plus it's SPF 30, s you are protected from the sun. The product is not meant for my lifestyle. So, I'm not buying it.

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