Monday, January 20, 2014

Fierce Find - Hellolulu Bag

During the recent Holidays, a good friend gave me an SLR bag since he knows I always bring along an SLR Camera with me during blog events and what not. However, I find the bag so cute I want to use it in a different way. Instead of using it as an SLR bag, I prefer to use to as my lunch box! haha Yeah, you read it right! Inside my SLR bag are sanwitches, fruits and drinks! I can be crazy at times, I know.

Oh well, I think using your SLR bag as a lunch box makes sense (to me at least).

Here's a photo of the bag and let me know if it's reallt crazy! Haha
Hellolulu Bag
Hellolulu Bag
Hellolulu Bag


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