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Sexy Solutions - An Afternoon of Juicing, Detox and Weightloss

Dec 18, The Fort Square of Bonifacio Global City, Fierce Blogs attended an event that was packed with information that will gear you towards a healthier lifestyle. It was such an interesting talk that I failed to take a photo half of the event. But later during the event, I tried to catch up and took photos for you.

Sexy Detox by Sexy Solutions
It is rather very timely for Sexy Solutions to talk about the hottest fad when in comes to health and wellness - Juicing, Detox and Weightloss. Fact is, whenever I hear these words from any sources, there are a lot of information that I feel like wrong and taken out of context. In short, a lot of fallacy surround these topics. Well, today, we will busts these myths and I'll share to you information that might change your life forever!

Under the flagship of Belo Medical Group, Sexy Solutions as you know is the non-invasive approach to a sexier and healthier you. It's a mixture of proper diet, exercise and non-invasive treatments - I'd say the troika in achieving not just the perfect body, but as well as embracing overall wellness. You can check my Sexy Solution blog archive here to know more.

That afternoon, Sexy Solutions this time around, reveals a trade secret in losing weight! You would probably be wondering why hours of exercising and eating a proper diet are never enough to lose those extra pounds you've always wanted? There even comes a time you hit plateau and get stuck to a weight you're never happy with. It can all be frustrating, right? Well, according to Nadine Tengco, US Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist of the Biggest Loser Philippines, it is because we are missing a crucial step in weight-loss activity. And this crucial step is undergoing a proper detox supervised by an expert. Now, do not be mislead by the market offering you the best detox juice. You have to be certain that the detox juice you are getting is not a bottle full with sugar. The right detox juice should be vegetable extracts flavored by natural fruit for better taste and appreciation. And body detoxing should not be done more than 3 days. Otherwise, it could be harmless to your body.
Cristalle Bello and Nadine Tengco - Sexy Detox

You might be wondering why body detox is very important? Why not just go ahead in dieting and hardcore exercising? The same and exact question I had that day. The reason is because we need to reset our entire system and let the body forget those bad eating habits. Otherwise, all your efforts and money will all be wasted with very futile results.

That's why Sexy Solutions launches a detox juice that will benefit you 3-ways:
  1. Minimize Bloat
  2. Flatten Your Bello
  3. Lose 1 - 3 pounds
The detox juice is called Sexy Detox by Sexy Solutions. You can ask more about this product by calling the numbers below:

Branches and Telephone Numbers of Sexy Solutions
You can call them and have your Sexy Detox delivered.

Sexy Solutions' Sexy Detox
Present during the event is the brain behind Sexy Solutions, Cristall Bello - who is part of Sexy Solutions' Dream Team along with Edward Mendez and Nadine Tengco. Raymond Gutierrez also attended the event to give his testimony in weight loss. 

Cristalle Belo - Brain behind Sexy Solutions
Raymond Gutierrez for Sexy Solutions 
Right before I end this blog, I would like to share these powerful phrases in wellness and weight-loss...
  • Drink Your Veggies, Eat Your Fruits
  • Sexy Detox is a Quick Start, Not a Quick Fix
  • Not all detox juices are made for weight loss
  • There are only a few detox drinks formulated for weight loss. Sexy Solutions is pioneering this frontier
To Cristalle Belo, thank for having Fierce Blogs. The talk of Nadine Tengco surely made me realize how awfully bad I've been to my body and why it's never too late to correct this by having Sexy Detox of Sexy Solutions for a quick start. And right after, I'd say goodbye to my bad eating habits.
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