Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Sole Left Me Today! A Fashion Fail Tale

It was bad enough that I have a troubled stomach today! What was even worst was to have a shoe malfunction in the middle of a busy work the same day! The fairies must have something against me today.

I didn't even notice that the sole of my right show just decided to leave me without proper notification.  He's just so rude! I won't even mention the brand of the shoes for the sake of professionalism. But I promise not to ever ever get a pair of shoes from the company LOL

So, this was my funny monent. I'd say, more of my Mentos moment.

Thank God my office friend accompanied me to the nearest Mini Stop to buy Mighty Bond - My life saver! Cost me Php77.00 to attach the rubber of my shoes. 

Fashion Fail - Shoe Malfunction 
Luckily, it held on me until I drove myself home; but still feeling scared that my sole will leave me once again.

Thank you, Mighty Bond! 


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